Sweet discovery: Giolitti

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You can’t get gelato like this in the U.S. Giolitti is a world-famous gelateria located a few blocks away from the Pantheon. It’s tucked away in the narrow cobblestone streets that zig-zag throughout Rome.

From the outside, GIOLITTI appears in giant green letters above the entrance while locals, tourists, and polizia alike enjoy humongous cones of the most decadent gelato around. The moment you walk into the the gelato shop, the smell of sweet, caramelized cones fills the air and a magnificently colorful gelato bar greets you just a few steps from the front door.

Pistachio, hazelnut, raspberry, white chocolate, Oreo cookie, and chocolate chip are among the many flavors Giolitti has to offer. I opted for raspberry and Oreo Cookie on a cone. A huge scoop of home-made whipped cream was placed on top of my already large scoops of gelato, free of charge. The nice man behind the counter handed me my gelato and I gladly accepted the extreme amount of calories I was about to consume.

I had tears build up in my eyes as I took my first bite – smooth, creamy, rich, flavorful. The Oreo Cookie flavor had small chunks of the chocolate cookie throughout and had just the right amount of sweetness to not overwhelm my tastebuds. Moving to the other side of my cone, I tasted the raspberry flavor which was both tart and fresh – almost as if I had eaten a handful of raspberries fresh from a farmer’s market.

The hint of whipped cream on top tied the entire cone of heavenly gelato together. Eating Giolitti’s Gelato for the first time was an experience I will never forget. Never in my life have I felt so happy eating a dessert. It’s not the same as ice cream in the U.S., for it is much smoother and has no icy texture to its consistency. It is simply perfect and I will be returning very, very soon. – Natalie Derksen


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