An Italian Treat: Gelato!

Photo by Marian Pantaleon

Photo by Marian Pantaleon

Ice cream is my vice. I literally have dreams about the rich and velvety taste of this frozen treat. So ever since we landed in Rome I have been craving to try ice cream’s European counterpart, gelato. Traveling back from the Spanish Steps our entire group was on the hunt for gelato. Tired, yet excited we stumbled into a little cafe filled with pastries, espresso and a multitude of gelato flavors. The smell of sugar was intoxicating and drew me straight to the gelato case.

With options like tiramisu, coconut, coffee, and mixed berry, it was difficult to chose. Perpetually indecisive, I couldn’t decide on just one and instead settled on two decadent flavors: pistachio and coffee. As soon as I took a bite of the pistachio, my taste buds were overwhelmed with nutty and flowery notes. The combination of flavors and colors meddled perfectly. The smooth and rich taste of the coffee balanced out the chunky texture of the fresh pistachio. The soft brown and vibrant green looked earthy and natural. Although notorious for scarfing down food, especially sweets, I wanted to savor each spoonful. Yet within minutes I was staring down at an empty cup, looking enviously at those still with gelato. – Hope Blain


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