No one knows Gnocchi like Luzzi

Photo by Heather Marsh

Photo by Heather Marsh

When it comes to gnocchi, Trattoria Luzzi in Rome — is no loser.   The expertly made potato gnocchi is their Thursday pasta special in a simple tomato sauce.This pasta alone is the star attraction for locals in the Coliseum location.   There is always a long line of tourists patiently waiting in line for an empty table.   The gnocchi came out of the kitchen piping hot, and once at the table the server smothered the dish with a fresh dash of parmesan cheese. A possible complement to the pasta would be a simple misto salad composed of fresh greens and tomato; or the peppery chicory fried in olive oil and garlic is crowd pleaser.   At times Luzzi himself, the owner or boss of the trattoria may appear to shout out commands to his staff of waiters, telling them to clean a table or immediately seat a party, he takes enough care with an old women, who after her simple lunchtime meal, needed his help to climb up the Colio hill, one of the seven hills of Rome. – Mike Russo


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