The Golden Arches: Rome vs America

When it comes to Italian cuisine – McDonalds certainly isn’t my first choice. But at least it seems healthier than the fast food you get at the golden arches in the US.

Yes, I ate at McDonalds in Italy. In my defense, I was curious. I even ordered a McChicken and fries, my usual staple on the rare occasion I frequent McDonalds in America, so that I could easily compare the two meals.

The bun on my McChicken fell apart as I ate, which made it difficult to consume, and I found it a little off-putting at first. However, I realized that this might be a sign that the bread was less saturated with chemicals necessary to keep the bun from falling apart. Also, though it was difficult to verify by taste alone whether the chicken was more natural, I did notice that it wasn’t cut in a perfect circle by any means, which added to the natural impression.

The fries were the biggest surprise. I had expected a difference in the taste, but they were relatively the same. Even stranger, I discovered that they were saltier than American fries, to the point where there were visible grains of salt left over in my container after I finished the fries. However, they were still thinner and less greasy than their American counterparts.

Overall, I’d have to suggest returning to America for your McDonalds fix because Italy offers a wonderful array of truly delicious dishes to choose from. If you’re looking for a little piece of the US, know that despite some wacky decor and a sense that you might be consuming just a few less calories, Italian McDonalds isn’t that far removed from its American cousin. – Rebecca Patterson


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