Saint Paul: Preacher, Teacher, Martyr


Saint Paul was a preacher, a teacher and a major figure in the Apostolic age. He could also be considered one of the early ‘advice columnists’ for first century ministers trying to help spread the Word of God in different areas.

People would send letters to Paul seeking advice on how to better preach the Word of God and proclaim the existence of Christ. Paul would reply to these letters and would not hold back from telling the ministers what they were doing wrong.

Paul, formerly known as Saul, had never met Jesus and once aided in the persecution of Christians. However, that all changed when Jesus spoke to him and struck him blind while he was travelling to Damascus.

As a result, Saul experienced the power of Christ and became blind for three days. After his experience, he changed his name to Paul, got baptized, and proclaimed that Jesus was the Son of God.

Therefore, Paul knew what it was like to go from not knowing God to passionately defending and preaching the Word of the Lord. His experiences in his own faith helped others seek and understand God. He made many sacrifices and was ultimately martyred in his quest to spread the Word of God. – Nataly Sanchez


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