Caffe: Three Times a Day

photo 1

We basically wear light up signs that say AMERICAN…

People know we are American the moment we walk into a café, as you can see from the cappuccino pictured above from 081 Café.

Contrary to the grab-and-go coffee culture in America, Romans are the exact opposite.  To-go cups do not exist, and there is only one size.  Caffe lattes and cappuccinos are popular morning drinks that you order and enjoy at the counter of the bar (what coffee shops are called in Rome).

As the afternoon approaches, the cafés fill up once again for everyone’s daily dose of espresso.  This is yet another instance where America is written on our foreheads as we order coffee drinks with milk in them after 12p.m., not esspresso.

One day, I did try to integrate myself and “do as Romans do,” gulping down an espresso shot.  The bitterness did not sit well with me, and it made me a little queasy for a moment after.  Therefore, I have stayed loyal to my daily MORNING cappuccino. It’s creamy and delicious with the perfect foamy topping.  It is the perfect cup of warmth and joy to accompany the cold winter weather in Italy! – Jacquelyn O’Neill


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