Calzone with Cheese, Please


Italy is known for its pizza, however, a dish we may overlook is pizza’s modest younger sister, the calzone! While the ingredients in both of these dishes are similar, the presentation is where the real difference lies. Instead of pizza’s showy presentation, the calzone prefers to keeps its cheesy goodness covered.

The calzone presentation at Luzzi’s is quite spectacular! Since it was delivered to our table fresh out of the oven, it was still warm and puffed up to great heights. This particular calzone was filled with a generous helping of mozzarella cheese and prosciutto.

Upon stabbing and digging into the calzone, an obscene amount of melted cheese oozed from the center. The smell of cheese and fresh bread was overwhelming. The crunch as I bit through my first bite proved a textbook crisped dough to melted cheese ratio.

Its gigantic size also allowed me to save the second half for lunch the next day, even though taking food “to go” is not really an Italian custom. I would recommend trying this dish if you have a hearty appetite and a strong infatuation with cheese. – Mary Gerlomes



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