Saint Cecilia: Fearless in the Face of Death


Saint Cecilia had a devotion to Christ in her life and even during her brutally prolonged death. The Romans attempted to kill Saint Cecilia two different times and even after the second attempt she held steadfast in her faith.

It is believed that she lived during the 2nd or 3rd century. Saint Cecilia was regarded as a woman with high morality as she was a virgin and also a woman with a strong devotion to preaching and praying.

She convinced her husband Valerian, a pagan, as well as many others, to convert to Christianity. Saint Cecilia was eventually sentenced to death by suffocation for her preaching and conversions but when the Roman soldiers checked on her after a day and a night, she was still alive.

In a second attempt on her life, a soldier was ordered to behead her. The soldier struck her three times, yet she did not die immediately. As Saint Cecilia lay dying, she continued to preach and convert, staying steadfast in her faith. After three days, Saint Cecilia finally passed.

She is recognized as the patroness of music because of a story in which she claimed to hear music in her heart when she was married. Her feast day is November 22nd and there is a church dedicated to her in Rome. Saint Cecilia is a model for having unwavering faith in and love for Christ Jesus. – Mary Gerlomes



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