Our First Visit to Vatican City


Photo by Mitchell Woodrow

Photo by Mitchell Woodrow

Today was a full day of walking and exploring! We visited the Vatican and the North American Pontifical College. Each day here seems to be even more amazing than the one before; Rome is a fantastic city!


I am continually inspired by the faith and intellect of my fellow pilgrims and seeing everyone’s reactions as we stood in the middle of St. Peter’s Square was equally as moving. The tour of the excavated undergrounds at the Basilica was like nothing I had ever seen. During this tour we were actually able to see the tomb and bones of St. Peter! Being so close to such an influential man of the Catholic faith was a surreal experience.


After a hearty lunch we were off to meet the young and inspiring seminarians at the North American Pontifical College. Their insights and faith journeys were wonderful to hear as young Catholics on our own journeys of faith as well. Also exciting was the news that one of the seminarians we met will eventually be serving the diocese of Oakland. Hopefully our paths can cross again!


Each day our community grows stronger through the variety of prayerful, academic, new, exciting and hilarious experiences that we share. This day will be very memorable for me and I am sure many others. – Mary Gerlomes


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