Saint Anthony: Patron of Lost People and Things

Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony of Padua is the patron saint of lost people or things. He was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1195 and initially joined the Augustinian Order. He later joined the Franciscian Order after being inspired by five Franciscan friars who dedicated their lives to sharing God’s love and were martyred for it.

Once he became part of the Franciscan Order, he set out for Moracco to fulfill his vocation but fell very ill. He intended on returning to Portugal to focus on his health, but ended up spending the majority of his life preaching and teaching in various parts of Italy.

Saint Anthony was trusted and instructed by Saint Francis to teach young friars about theology and religion and became one of the most celebrated followers of Saint Francis. Saint Anthony was exceptional at preaching scripture and was appointed the Provincial Superior of Northern Italy. After being appointed, he chose to live in Padua and died there in 1231. He was canonized within less than a year of his death.

Saint Anthony became the patron saint of lost people or things after a valuable book of psalms and notes from his teaching was stolen. The thief returned the book to him after he prayed continuously about it. – Anthony Oliveira



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