Religion and Art: The Quest for Bernini

Photo by Anthony Oliveira

Photo by Anthony Oliveira

My life is complete. I just saw my favorite art piece, Bernini’s The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa. After a delicious lunch of caprese salad and espresso, Anthony, a fellow pilgrim, and I hopped into the rain on a mission. We were headed to the Santa Maria Della Vittoria which houses Bernini’s famous sculpture.

Luckily lost for just a few minutes, we finally found our destination. As I opened the door, the church caught me off guard with its elaborate and ornate style. Every inch was decorated with rich marble, gold and bronze. I was overwhelmed my the jewel tone colors and varying textures. It was like stepping inside a massive jewelry box.

Instantly my eyes were searching the church for the one piece that has been my inspiration since high school. Hidden in a small niche on the left of the altar was Saint Teresa of Avila. She was stunning. The mix of white marble and polished gold created a sense of drama that drew my eyes to the graphic scene of Saint Teresa’s mystical and euphoric communion with God.

Staring up at this Baroque sculpture I couldn’t stop smiling as I looked on this truly intimate and divine moment and longed for that same connection with God. – Hope Blain


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