Saint Praxedes

Saint Praxedes was an early Christian virgin and martyr from second century Rome.  Saint Praxedes was one of many influential women in the early church, a fact that is often overlooked today by those who forget the important roles many women played in the first few centuries after Christ.

She and her sister, Saint Pudentiana, started a “house church” where Christians used to worship in secret.  Together they also buried the bones of Christians who had died but had been buried improperly, and they worked hard to save early Christian relics.

Unfortunately, Saint Praxedes and her sister were eventually found to be Christians, and in the end they were martyred for their faith in the year 165.  Today there is a church in Rome dedicated to Saint Praxedes.  The church was built to house the remains of Saint Praxedes and Saint Pudentiana.

It is known by its Italian name, Santa Prassede. Besides being a treasure trove of paintings, the church houses the pillar on which, according to tradition, Jesus was flogged before his crucifixion. – Marie Munzar


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