This is the blog for our pilgrimage to Rome. From day to day, you can follow us on our spiritual journey in the Eternal City. It represents our Saint Mary’s College Jan Term 2015 course. We are present-day pilgrims walking in the footsteps of the early Christians. As an example of “backpack journalism,” this website gives you a chance to hear our stories, conversations, and insights; along with a viewing of our photos and videos of this remarkable experience. Welcome!

Here are more thoughts from Father David Gentry:

Having led this pilgrimage now many times, I have seen many of the beautiful and historic sites of Rome many times. Still, each time I lead a group of students down to San Clemente, and we hear the story of how this 1st century bishop of Rome, the third successor of Saint Peter, led a house church on this site, and how Catholic faith and worship has been practiced here continuously for more than 1900 years, I am moved. It is a rare privilege to lead our students into the 12th century worship space, and to share with them the incredible apse mosaic of describing the cross of Jesus’ death as, indeed, the tree of life. I realize anew that I am only a link in a chain, passing on what I have received so that our beautiful Catholic faith can continue to inspire young men and women as it has inspired me.

Each time we offer this pilgrimage, my hope is renewed as I witness how the young men and women that we bring with us are so open in their search for God, for meaning, and for true joy in this life. Each group, of course, has its own character (and its own “characters”!). Yet what is constant is that they all give themselves completely to the process in their search for the True, the Good, and the Beautiful, which are all just other names for “God”. These young women and men, the future of our Church and our World, allow themselves to be touched, and changed, by the people, the places, and the experiences we shared together on this journey.  The Founder of the Christian Brothers wanted the Brothers to help the young people with whom they ministered to learn to read, to write, to do math, so that they could have a better life in this life, but his ultimate concern was that the Brothers help the students under their care to find God.


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