The Feast of Saint Sebastian

Only a foot soldier of Christ could fearlessly face being tied to a tree and shot full of arrows. Saint Sebastian survived this execution attempt and returned to tell Roman emperor Diocletian to repent for his sins. Diocletian’s answer was to have Saint Sebastian beaten to death and his body thrown in the sewers of Rome circa 288 AD.

Here is a short film that takes you to the Basilica where Saint Sebastian is honored on January 20, his feast day. The faithful can visit both the church and the catacombs where his remains are believed to be buried. – Ginny Prior



Young Seminarians Answer Pope’s Call for New Evangelization

The energy is palpable. A full enrollment of young Americans are studying for the priesthood at the Pontifical North American College. These men are part of a new generation of foot soldiers for Christ. Father Mike Russo takes you there in this short podcast, produced by Matt Magnaghi:

Interview with Matthew Murray – East Bay Seminarian in Rome




Saint Agnes: Martyred at 13 – honored forevermore

Imagine being so fervent in your faith that you are willing to die for it. Imagine being 13 years old. Saint Agnes held fast to her Christian beliefs and was martyred in 304 AD. Her feast day is celebrated on January 21. In Rome, it is a moving tradition that attracts a large flock of faithful and two baby lambs who have been specially chosen to symbolize Saint Agnes and Jesus, the lamb of God. Join us for this celebration:


Videographer – Ginny Prior; Photographer – Marian Pantaleon; Producer – Mitchell Woodrow. Thanks to all Saint Mary’s pilgrims who contributed photos to this video.

How to Live Joyfully: Saint Benedict’s Monastic Rule


Rome is, itself, a paradox. Ancient basilicas stand guard as monuments to Christianity, even as sirens and car horns remind us that peace can be fleeting.

Still, it is possible to find. In an era where war tears at so many countries, record numbers of people are making pilgrimages; one in three according to the United Nations. Continue reading