Prayer Intentions

My prayers for the family and friends of Father Richard McBrien, Sister Mark Mark Pizzotti, DM and Professor Joseph Lanigan. And for their eternal reward — great servants of the Lord!

For my mother, Kathy Patterson, that she continues to live out her faith in her daily actions and that she is blessed with Jesus’ guidance as she seeks a new job.

For my father, Dave Patterson, that he finds joy in his daily life and support from those who love him.

For my brother, Cullen Patterson, that he stays true to himself and follows his dreams and passions to great heights.

For my grandmother, Mary Jane Tralongo, a woman who does so much for others, that God ees her loving heart and grants her support, love, and good health.

For the McLaughlin family and the Patterson family, my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. that God watches over them with infinite love.

For my grandparents Jim and Joyce McLaughlin that God watches over them and blesses them for their faith.

For my grandmother, Bette Morgan, that she rests peacefully in Heaven with all the angels and saints.

For the repose of the soul of my wonderful father, Carl Prior and for the family he leaves behind….Virginia and Ginny, Chris, Anthony and Kara.

Father Dave’s mom, Virginia, sisters Sherri and Janet, nephew Paul, brother Fritz, and Aunts Dolores, Jeri, and HeleneThe Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, Houston, TexasThe parishioners of Saint Jude Parish, Ceres, California

Sister Antoninus Martin, CCVI

Sister Ann Marie Petri, OP

Sister Joan O’Shea, OP

The eternal happiness of Father Robert Nugent, SDS, Sister Kaye Ashe, OP, Sister Bibiana Baxter, CCVI, Sister Daniel Monihan, CCVI, and Sister John Marie Crowley, CCVI

Dan and Penny

Mindy and Mike

Brothers Michael Avila, Mel Anderson, Michael Meister, Charles Hilken, Mark McVann, Dominic Berardelli, John O’Neill, and Stanislaus Campbell, FSC

Noemi, for eye health

Mabel, for health, vitality, and joy

Maria, for joy and peace in her wisdom years

John, for joy and peace in his wisdom years

Brian, for discernment and trust in the Holy Spirit

Jaime, for peace and faith

Ernesto, for health

Estevan, for joy, peace, and discernmentJeff and Caroline Gerlomes

Jeffrey Gerlomes
Tom Keown
Dede Bell
Mary Bettencourt
June and Babe Gerlomes
The repose of the souls of Nelson Bettencourt and Jeff Goodsell
Ramon and Maria Arroyo

For the repose of the souls of both of my grandmothers, Maria Arroyo and Maria Espinosa who passed away in the same year almost two years ago.For both of my grandfathers, Ramon Arroyo and Enrique Espinosa who are both grieving and struggling with their health.For the Espinosa and Arroyo Families and their health, safety and happiness.

For all who struggle with loneliness, addiction and a sense of hopelessness

Michael Osborne

Bernadette Osborne

Thomas Osborne

Andrew Osborne

Grace Osborne

Repose of the souls of John Michael,

Maeve, William, Mary, and Matthew Osborne

Mary Morley

Repose of the soul of Luke Morley

John Morley

The Deignan Family

The Dubrow Family

Monica Hinojos and Jason Hinojos

Repose of the soul of Katie Dubrow

Repose of the soul of Tom Morley

Luke Morley and his family

Michael Morley and his family

Kelley Morley

Glen Swain

Repose of the soul of Tom Osborne

Repose of the soul of Gerrie Osborne

Repose of the soul of Kathy Osborne

Renee Osborne and family

Jim Osborne

Pamela Jennings and family

Colleen O’Donnell and family

The Manina Family

Kathy Perotti and family

The MacKenzie family

The Deleon family

The Feinberg family

The Hattersley family

Ms. Pohlman’s 4th grade class

Bernadette Osborne’s Catechism Class of Saint Bruno’s

Megan O’Neill

Kevin O’Neill

Lisa O’Neill

Sean O’Neill

Kwak family

McCarthy family

All those contemplating discernment

Father Wayne

Father Jim

Stevens family

All those struggling with addiction

Peace within families

Coucouroux family

Heiland family

Andres Cabral


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